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Latvija Tour Consultant Service will help you coordinate your visit and tour of the historical City of Riga or the City of Liepaja Latvia and its surrounding area with information on what to see and where to go be it History Museums, Art Museums, Culture Arts, Historical Structures, Churches, Cathedrals’, the former 1941 Jewish Ghetto Area, the two 1941 Jewish Mass Execution sites. Biķernieku Forest is located 3 kilometers east of Riga Centre City and on the south side of Biķernieku iela and Rumbula Forest located 12 kilometers southeast of Riga and east of Maskavas iela. While visiting the Rumbula Forest, all one has to go a bit further south were you can visit the former Salaspils Concentration Camp located 18 km southeast of Riga and east of Maskavas iela. If you are an old castle buff, there are thousands of historical structures and landmarks located through out the Latvian Countryside.
While in Liepaja you will see many historical wooden buildings, landmarks, museums, churches, cathedrals the most famous Liepaja cathedral and landmark is the Liepaja Holy Trinity Lutheran Cathedral and its world’s larges oldest organ in Europe or its fine white sandy beaches along the Baltic Sea and other sights that make up historical Liepaja. While you are visiting Liepaja one can visit many of the Jewish Holocaust sites, one of them being Skede Dunes located some 15km north of Liepaja which is by far the “Largest Mass Execution site of Jewish and non Jewish people during 1941 to 1942”. One can even visit other Jewish Holocaust sites such as the Raina Park – Site of the July 1941 Mass Murders and its Memorial, Jewish World War II Memorial and Cemetery. A must museum to visit while in Liepaja is the Liepāja Under the Regimes Occupation Museum and its 1941 and 1949 Mass Deportations Wall of Remembrance. These are only a few of the sights that Riga and Liepaja has to offer.  
Latvija Tour Consultant Service can make custom tours that are designed for you depending on the length of time you will be visiting Latvia and where you what to go or what you want to see.      
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