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Latvia Currency 
The official currency used in Latvia is Lats “LVL, Ls”. To make purchases in Latvia, you will need to exchange your home currency to Lats or use a Credit Card since other foreign currency is not accepted at this time. It is highly recommended that you use a bank to exchange currency. The bank exchange rates and fees are cheaper then Currency Exchange Shops. Example the Swedbank charges an exchange fee of only 1.50 LVL per transactions. There are also ATM machines located through Riga and Liepaja. Note; before using a Credit Card while traveling, you should check with your bank or card issuer for their transactions fees and exchange rates. By doing so, there won’t be any unexpected transaction fees once you get home and receive your monthly statement. Your bank or card issuer may not charge transactions fees, but the banks in Latvia do. 
The Bank of Latvia, the country's central bank, is an independent institution that sets and executes monetary policy, manages the foreign currency and gold reserves, emits cash currency and ensures the functioning of the interbank settlement systems, and compiles financial statistics. The Bank of Latvia is a participant in the European System of Central Banks. 
For more information on the Bank of Latvia and its currency; 
    Website: http://www.bank.lv/ Latvian
    Website: http://www.bank.lv/en/ English 
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