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Liepaja Central Market and Shopping Malls
Liepaja Central Market Peter’s Market “Pētertirgus” located on Kuršu laukums and three shopping malls which are located at Lielā iela 13, Kārļa Zāles laukums and Brīvības iela. 
                     Peter’s Market “Pētertirgus”                  
                     Kuršu laukums 5/7/9 
                     Tel. +371 63 42 35 17 
This historic market building opened in 1910 offers food, flowers, souvenirs and plenty of atmospheres. Vendors have touted their wares at the outdoor market on Kuršu laukums since the mid-17th century.
The market expanded in 1910, when a pavilion was constructed adjacent to the square. Today you'll find stalls inside and out this bustling complex, selling everything from furniture, pirated CDs, DVDs and local crafts to fruit, vegetables and slabs of meat. Open Monday thru Friday from: 08:00 - 18:00 Sun 08:00 - 14:00. 
                        Store house “Kurzeme”                        
                        Lielā iela 13 
                 Shopping Mall “Ostmala” Centre               
                 Kārļa Zāles laukums 8 
    Shopping Mall “Rietumu” Centre  
    Brīvības iela 3/5
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