Latvija Tour Consultant Service

Liepaja Tours – Tour Coordinator Service offers:
  • Coordinator of Tours of Liepāja and its surrounding areas
  • Make or arrange for Accommodations Reservations
  • Make or arrange for Transportation around Liepāja
  • Make or arrange excursions along Liepaja’s beautiful white sands beaches
  • Make or arrange for professional guided tours of Liepaja and its surrounding areas for couples or groups
  • Make or arrange for professional guided tours of Liepaja Jewish World War II Mass Murder Sites and Memorials
  • Make or arrange upon requests special tours outside Liepaja Area
  • Short personal walking tour of Liepaja and its sights and sounds
Latvija Tour Consultant Service working closely with Liepaja Tours – Tour Coordinator Service for guided tours of the City of Liepaja and its surrounding area, Hotel Accommodations Reservations and Professional Tour Guides Reservations.
A professional guided tour of Liepaja’s Historical Churches Cathedrals’ Wooden Structures’ Monuments Museums Northern Breakwaters and the former Northern Forts. Visit the famous Liepāja Rose Square and see its sister city plaques. Take a walk along the Walk of Fame. You can even visit Liepaja 1st Rock Café. Take a guided tour of the famous former Karosta Prison. A visit to the Liepāja Holy Trinity Lutheran Cathedral and “if you’re young at heart” you can walk up the “137 wooden steps inside the bell tower” for a outside breath taking view of the city of Liepāja. One can even take a walk along the Promenade along the canal, which was “Off Limits” during the second Soviet Occupation for fear someone would jump on an outbound Swedish ship. One can see the famous Amber Clock along the Promenade. You can even visit the famous Peter’s Market and all its fresh produces clothing flower stands and its many different wears that are being sold. These are only a few of the many sights one can be seen while visiting Liepāja.
Upon special request arrangements can be made to visit one of the three World War II Jewish Memorials dedicated to the Liepāja Mass Executions in Livas Cemetery, Raina Park and the other one or the largest site of mass executions that took place in 1941–1942 is located 15km north of Liepaja located along the Šķēde Dunes and the Coast of the Baltic Sea.
Contact Information:
  • Tel: +371 254 600 42
  • Tel: +1 317 835 9824

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