Latvija Tour Consultant Service

Professional Tour Guide Services for 
    The City of Riga, the City of Liepaja and Latvian Countryside Area
Professional Tour Guide Services can be booked through either Latvija Tour Consultant Service or if you wish you can contact them yourself which ever is best for your budget. If you have Latvija Tour Consultant Service book this service, there is a 25–50 Euro booking fee Payable to Latvija Tour Consultant Service PayPal Account and payable upon conformation of booking. This booking fee is the initial cost of booking a Professional Tour Guide through the service(s) that provides or lists these guides. The balance of Tour Guide’s fee is payable to the guide upon completion of Guided Tour payable in cast not unless other arrangements have been made between you and the guide. This can be the method of payment and currency to be used to pay for guide’s service, paid with either Lats of Euros. This will be between you and the guide at time of service.
Tour Guide’s fees are based on the tour desired and length of time of the tour. The total fee(s) will be stated in the Letter of Conformation. 
    These are a few of the guide services either located in Riga or have Riga listings. 
    Viator Expert Licensed/Certificated Local Private Tour Guides in Riga 
    Tours by Locals 
    Association of Latvian Professional Guides “LPGA” 
    Website: http://www.lpgatravel.lv/
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