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    The City of Liepaja 
        Tours of Liepaja Countryside – Guided or Self Guided
Custom Designed Tours of Liepaja Countryside can also be designed to your needs depending on what you want to see or where you want to go. For Liepaja Countryside’s hold a wealth of historical structures and sights. Located just outside Liepaja is Grobina 9.54km “6 miles” on Route A-9 where you will historical structures churches and landmarks. North of Liepaja is Pavilosta 42.76km “26.5 miles” on Route P-111 where you can see historical structures, churches cathedrals, Pavilosta Museum, Pavilosta Breakwaters and sandy beaches. Then there is Aizpute 43.34km “27 miles” on Route P-112 which also has many historical structures and landmarks.
These are only a few of the many sights found outside Liepaja Countryside. 
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