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While you are visiting Liepaja you may want to visit many of the Jewish Holocaust sites, one of them being Skede Dunes located some 15km north of Liepaja which is by far the “Largest Mass Execution site of Jewish and non Jewish people during 1941 to 1942”. You may even want to take the time to visit other Jewish Holocaust sites such as the Raina Park – Site of the July 1941 Mass Murders and its Memorial, Jewish World War II Memorial and Cemetery. Or you can visit the former Karosta Navel Port Prison and Museum where you will be given a guided tour of the of Karosta Navel Port Prison “Note: Only Guided Tours are available”, Karosta Navel Port Prison is located at Invalidu 4 in Karosta which was the former Secret Soviet Navel Base of the Soviet Union’s “Northern Baltic Fleet” during the Soviet Occupation. While in the area of Karosta you may want to take the time and visit the ruins of the Seaside Northern Forts Remnants of Russian Tsar’s Defenses’ and not far from the Seaside Northern Forts Remnants of Russian Tsar’s Defenses’ you will find the Northern Breakwaters of Karosta. This 1800 meter long and 7.35 meter wide breakwater is bolstered with concrete tripods along its northern side to decrease the impact force of waves.
These are only of the many sights that you can see while visiting Liepaja.
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