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Other area’s one may want to visit while in Riga is the area that made up the 1941 Riga Jewish Ghetto, were to relocate to the Maskavas Forštate “Moscow Forstate” suburb of Riga. Located some 12 kilometers southeast of Riga is Rumbula Forest – Site of the Nazi SS 30 Nov. 8 December 1941 Jewish Mass Execution Site were some 25,000 Jewish people were executed and buried   in six mass graves. Just a little further southeast of Rumbula Forest is Salaspils Concentration Camp was established in October 1941 till its liberation in October 1944 located 18 km southeast of Riga and east of Maskavas iela. Salaspils Concentration Camp was a Police Prison and Work Education Camp “Polezeigegfängnis und Arbeitserziehungslager” to house 15,000 deported Jews and political prisoners. Approximately 12,000 persons went through the camp during its existence. 2,000 to 3,000 people died here.
Another Nazi Mass Execution is located 3 kilometers east of Riga centre city and on the south side of Biķernieku iela. Biķernieku Forest is by far the largest site of mass murders and burial of victims of Nazi terror in Latvia located in 55 mass graves, between the first weeks of the Nazi occupation of July 1941 and until the autumn of 1944 some 35,000 people, including Latvian and Western European Jewish people, Soviet war prisoners, and the Nazis’ political adversaries, were murdered here. In 1943, Riga Ghetto prisoners who were not transferred to the “Kaiserwald” Concentration Camp were murdered here, followed in the autumn of 1944 by those “Kaiserwald” prisoners no longer able to work.
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