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    The City of Liepaja 
       Walking Tours of Old Liepaja “Old Town” – Guided or Self Guided
General Walk Through Old Liepaja “Old Town” will cove the many sights of its many old historical wooden structures, churches, cathedrals the most famous Liepaja cathedral and landmark is the Liepaja Holy Trinity Lutheran Cathedral and its world’s larges oldest organ in Europe or its fine white sandy beaches along the Baltic Sea and other sights that make up historical Liepaja. If you will be in Liepaja for a longer period of time, you can visit the two museums that are located in old town one of the must museum to visit while in Liepaja is the Liepāja Under the Regimes Occupation Museum and its 1941 and 1949 Mass Deportations Wall of Remembrance. A must while walking through Old Town is Peter’s Market, an outside centre market with its many stalls with its many different verity of merchandise. Another sight to see is the Rose Square “Rožu laukums” this is the undisputed heart of Liepaja. It gained its name in 1910 when the city fathers decided to plant 500 rose bushes here. Walk in any direction from here and there’ll be something interesting to see or do. The sister city plaques that are found around the wall are not just plaques, each one is pointed in the direct of the sister city.
These are only of the many sights that you can see while visiting Liepaja.
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