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    The City of Riga – 
        Walking Tours of Old Riga Centre City – Guided or Self Guided
General Walk Through, Old Riga Centre City will cove the sights of its many old historical buildings, churches, cathedrals located through out Old Centre City as well as old cobble stone streets and sidewalks. If you will be in Riga for a longer period of time, you can visit the many museums that are located through old centre city as well as the many historical churches and cathedrals.
The three most famous ones and are open to the public to tours are Saint Peter’s Church ANNO 1209. For a small charge one can tour its interior. Also while visiting and for a separate charge one can take the lift “elevator” to the operation deck, located 72 meters to the tower’s second gallery from where they can enjoy a wonderful eagle's-eye view of the Old Town rooftops and a general view of the city. Next to Saint Peter’s Church is Saint John’s Church ANNO 1234. Depending on the day of the week, you may or may not be able to tour its interior. Then you can visit the Rīgas Doma Evangelical Lutheran Cathedral ANNO 1211, which recently under went a complete exterior renovation. For a small charge, one can tour its interior and adjoining Cloisters with its many historical artifacts that date back to the early period of Riga. Doma Cathedral can boast of its incredible organ with over 6,500 pipes built in 1883-1884, stained glass windows and a beautifully whitewashed interior. Other churches and cathedral located in old centre city are Saint Jacob’s Cathedral ANNO 1225, Saint Maria Magdalena Catholic Church ANNO 1260, Our Lady of Sorrow Catholic Church “Virgin of Anguish Roman Catholic Church” ANNO 1784, and Saint Saviour’s Church “The Anglican Church of Saint ANNO 1822.
While in the area one must visit the outside area of Riga Castle, the castle was built in 1330. In 1484 though, it was pulled down by the Rigans who had conquered it from the Livonian Order. In 1491, the Order came back and ordered it to be rebuilt. The construction was completed in 1515. When the order ceased to exist in 1562, the castle became part of the Riga defense system. The Latvian government declared the castle its residence in 1938. Today it is the official residence of the President of the Republic of Latvia as well as home to several museums. 
These are only a few of the many historical structures, churches and cathedrals located throughout old centre city.
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