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Latvia Jewish Holocaust

Aizpute Jewish Cemetery 
Lat: N56.70346, Lon: E021.62167
Kalvenes iela 88,
Aizpute, Latvia
Aizpute Jewish Cemetery is located 2.2 km from the center of Aizpute and roughly 198 meters west of Kalvenes iela 88 and Route P115 beyond the border of the city. There is a sign at the entrance leading to the cemetery which is at the end of a single grassy path leading to the entrance of the cemetery.
The Cemetery dates from the mid 17th century. Most of the cemetery begun in the 17th century was destroyed, but about 100 headstones remain. Many are dated from the early 1800s.
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Today, the cemetery is in such disarray and in much need of upkeep and repair. As one walks through the cemetery, one can see ankle to knee high grass and weeds. A majority of the headstone and grave sites are in complete disarray, with many of the headstones have toppled over and the graves are in such poor shape that the tops have either caved in or have been up turned. I have seen and have visited and been through many abandoned Jewish Cemeteries, but this one is the worst one I have ever seen. What I have been informed, neither the town nor the parishes that they are located in are not responsible for there upkeep. It is up to the Jewish Council to see to their upkeep. With the billons of dollars being spent on military weaponry and others living quite comfortable it seem that they can’t find a few thousand dollars to see that their ancestors’ have a descent and well maintained resting place.
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