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Latvia Jewish Holocaust

Former 1941 Nazi SS, SD Riga Jewish Ghetto Important Buildings
Ludzas iela Area – Lat: N56.94083, Lon: E024.14691
The former area of the 1941 Nazi SS, SD Riga Jewish Ghetto located in a small area in Maskavas Forštate, a Jewish Russian and Gypsies suburb located south of Riga centre city as we take a closer look at some of the more important buildings of the ghetto.
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These more important ghetto building consists of:  
    Latvian Guard Small Ghetto – Liela Kalnu iela No 68 
    Delousing and Baths – Vilanu iela No 14 
    Workshops / Jewish Community / Jewish Council in Small Ghetto – Liksnas iela No 24 
    Polyclinic Small Ghetto – This building is no longer there – Ludzas iela No 67 
    Small Pharmacy Small Ghetto – Ludzas iela No 69 
    Latvian Guard Small Ghetto, Women’s Ghetto Building, Later Latvian Guard – Ludzas iela No 66 68 70 
    Women’s Ghetto Building – Liksnas iela No 16 18 20 
    Store for Despoiled Possessions – Liksnas iela No 7
    Business Enterprise – Sarkana iela No 3 
    Largest building on the street “Viennese and Elderly People from Berlin” 
    Outside No. 2 SS Obersturmführer Gerhard Maywald “Selected” Jews the first Dünamünde Action on 05-02-1942 – Maza Kalnu iela No 2 
    Apartment of the Hannover Elder Günther Fieischel – Maza Kalnu iela
    German Ghetto Commandant / Jewish Council / Adjacent Central Office of the Labor / Administration  
    Headquarters of the German Police and the Jewish Ghetto Police / Central Provisions Store – Ludzas iela No 56 
    Hospital Small Ghetto – Maza Kalnu iela No 28 
    Jewish Orphanage Children’s Hospital – Ludzas iela No 43 
    Central Hospital – Ludzas iela No 36 
    Gynecological Hospital and Ghetto Hospital – Ludzas iela No 25
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