"TheCelotajs" –

Latvia Jewish Holocaust

Liepaja Jewish Cemetery 
Lat: N56.49251, Lon: E021.00678
Cenkones iela 39,
Liepaja, Latvia
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Liepaja Jewish Cemetery and the Monument to the 1941 Atrocities is located at the south end of Livas Cemetery. Its entrance is off Cenkones iela 39. The old part of the Jewish Cemetery is in complete disarray and in much need of upkeep and repair. The grass and weeds are ankle to knee high and in need of being cut. The headstones are ready to toppled over or have toppled over. As we walk through the rest of the cemetery, we see grave sites in need of upkeep or repair. What I have been informed, neither the town nor the parishes that they are located in are not responsible for there upkeep. It is up to the Jewish Council to see to their upkeep. With the billons of dollars being spent on military weaponry and others living quite
comfortable it seem that they can’t find a few thousand dollars to see that their ancestors’ have a descent and well maintained resting place.
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