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Latvia Jewish Holocaust

Liepaja Škede Dunes –
Jewish Memorial to the 1941 Jewish Holocaust
Lat: N56.59964, Lon: E021.02126
Libiešu iela 37/53 off Viestura iela,
Liepaja, Latvia
Škede dunes, is the largest of the mass murder sites located in Liepaja during the first year of the Nazi Army occupation of Liepaja, these mass murders which took place during 1941–1942. Located along the path leading to the Jewish Memorial and the entrance to the Škede dunes, we will see a memorial to the 3000 non Jews of the 7500 that were murdered in the dunes. Located in the grassy area is the Jewish Memorial dedicated to the Liepaja Jews that were murdered in the Škede dunes and there is also the Soviet Unions Memorial to those murdered along the dunes location. 
There are two memorials at Škede dunes, one set up by the Soviets, which says that 19,000 people were killed there “it does not mention Jews specifically at all”, and another recently built by the local Liepaja Jewish community, with support from the Latvian government and groups in Latvia, Israel, and the United States. This memorial repeats the assertion that 19,000 people were killed at Škede, but this figure is incorrect, it’s much too large. Edward Anders and Vladimir Bans erected a plaque nearby “in Russian, Latvian, and English” that more accurately states who was killed at Škede.
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Edward Anders and Vladimir Ban, of the Jews in Liepaja Latvia project, put up this plaque because the other one only mentions Jewish victims of the Nazi murderers, at the insistence of the local Jewish organizers of the memorial. Anders and Bans felt that it was important to honor and remember all who were killed there, Jews and non-Jews. Anders wrote, “We and many fellow Liepaja Jews do not understand the mentality of people who refuse to honor non-Jewish victims, including rescuers of Jews and Soviet POWs, who opposed the Nazis and were killed by them”. I can not help but think that this division, and the refusal to acknowledge the suffering and deaths of those who together with Jews opposed the Nazis, is another sign of the persistence of the hatred that the Nazis sowed in this part of the world.
The memorial at Škede dunes is built in the shape of a giant menorah. At the entrance there are two big triangular plaques, one with a biblical verse on it, the other acknowledging all those who made the memorial possible. At the end of each branch of the menorah, next to the dunes, is a stone with another verse engraved on it “Seven in all”. 
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