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Latvia Jewish Holocaust

Museum “Jews in Latvia”
Skolas iela 6 – Lat: N56.95650, Lon: E024.11657
The Museum “Jews in Latvia” located at Skolas iela 6 Riga LV-1322 Latvia. The museum hours are Sunday through Thursday from 12:00hrs to 17:00hrs. It is located in the second floor of the Jewish Community Building.
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As we enter the museum on the second floor, we will enter the first room of exhibits. Starting from left and going right, we will pictures and documents from Jews entering Latvia during the 16th thru 18th centuries. Next is Jews in Latvia in the 19th century then Jews in Latvia at the end of the 19th century. Next is Jewish Enlightenment movement. Next is Society of Jewish education. Next is the Outset 0f the Zionist Movement in Latvia. Next is the “Bund” in Latvia. Still moving to the right is the Jews in Kurzeme. Next is Jews in Riga. Next is Jews in Daugavpils. Next is Jews in Latgale. Next is Economic Activities of Jews. Next is New Jewish Intellectuals. Next you will see Jews during the Revolution of 1905 in Latvia. Next is Latvian Jews during World War I. Next is the Discrimination and Persecution of Jews. We will also see two other pictures of famous Jewish people.
Moving into the black room which is dedicated to “Beginning of Terror Against Jews” which cover the Nazi occupation terror against the Jewish people in Latvia and the city of Riga. Beginning with the Program of Burning the Jewish Synagogues located through out Latvia. Then we move on to the Bloody Summer of 1941 with the start of the Jewish people being rounded up then imprisoned in what was to be the Riga Jewish Ghetto. Beginning in July 1941 the Nazis began mass killings of the Jewish people. Bikernieku Forest is where the largest site of mass killing and burial of victims of Nazi terror in Latvia is located. From 1941 till 1944, 35,000 people, including Latvian and Western European Jews, Soviet war prisoners, and the Nazis’ political adversaries, were killed here. In 1943, Riga Ghetto prisoners who were not transferred to the “Kaizerwald Concentration Camp” were killed here, followed in the autumn of 1944 by those “Kaizerwald Concentration Camp” prisoners no longer able to work.
Moving on to the right we will see pictures of the Survivors of Jews. There is even a plaque dedicated to the Jewish Survivors in The Occupied Latvia. Below the plaque is a Topographic Map of Rescue of Jews in Latvia from 1941 till 1945. Below the map are plaques of the Star of Davis and Jewish people. Moving on to the right we can see pictures and memorial to Janis “Žanis” Lipke who saved many Jews in Riga. Still moving on right you can see pictures of the Riga Jewish Ghetto during its existence. Moving on we come to the pictures of “The End of Latvian Jewish Communities” with the beginning of empting the Riga Ghetto with the mass murders of Jews from Riga’s Ghetto beginning on 30 November thru 8 December 1941 in Rumbula Forest, which is located some 8km south of the ghetto. During this period 25,000 Jews were murdered and buried in mass graves. Moving on to the right in the black room we will come to the section “The Deportation of Foreign Jews to Latvia”, which was to the Riga Jewish Ghetto. Moving on we come to “The Concentration Camps for Jews in Latvia”. Which there was two, one was north of the city called “Kaiserwald Concentration Camp” and the other one was located south of Riga called Transit Camp Kurtenhof “Salaspils Concentration Camp”. Moving on to the right we see pictures of the Jewish Resistance and The Partisans. 
Moving out of the black room, we come to the Soviet Terror in Latvia and The Soviet Occupation in Latvia. We will see pictures of 1941 Gulags, an armed guard of Jewish workers Riga 1940. We will also see pictures of the shadow of Nazism in the Baltic’s. Next are the Jewish societies and parties, Jewish sports. Next is pictures and documents covering the elite of Jewish intelligence, then the Jewish economic activities, the Zionist movement in Latvia, the Jewish press. Next we will come to Jews in the parliament and municipalities, Latvian national army force enter Riga Summer 1919, The society of Jewish Liberators of Latvia, you will also see pictures of The intervention of the German volunteer corp., Fall of 1919, The victims of the Red terror in Riga Central Prison, May 1919, Jews in the Liberation War of Latvia, Waiting for bread in Jelgava 1919, Jews during the time of establishing Independent Latvia, a pillar with newspaper articles in it, and finally flags of Israel. 
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