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Latvia Jewish Holocaust



Saldus Monument to Victims of Totalitarian Regimes Tribute – 
Lat: N56.66432, Lon: E022.49597 
Striku iela 18 and
Lat: N56.66744, Lon: E022.51386
Kalnsetas iela 16A
Saldus, Latvia
This monument is dedicated to all Saldus residents that suffered during both the Soviet and German occupations. These include the 1941 Soviet Union Mass Deportations, the 1941 German Mass Jewish Holocaust Murders and again the 1949 Soviet Union Mass Deportations. 
Saldus Monuments to the 1941 Soviet and Nazi Atrocities
during World War II and the 1949 Soviet Deportations: 
Saldus Memorial for:  
Totalitaro Rczimu Upuru Pieminai
Victims of totalitarian regimes Tribute
1940 – 1941 Monument
Mužiga Piemina Pirmajiem
Sarkana Terora Upuriem Saldu
The first forever be remembered
Red Terror Victims
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