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Latvia Jewish Holocaust

The burning of the Jewish Synagogues located through out Riga
Great Choral Synagogue Monument
Gogola iela 14 Park – Lat: N56.94241, Lon: E024.12629
On 4 July 1941 with the burning of the Jewish Synagogues located through out Riga. Nazi sympathizers and collaborators began their program of burning all the synagogues located in Riga. The two most listed in Riga history during this horror is the Great Choral Synagogue on Gogola iela and Peitavas iela “Peitav Shul” Jewish Synagogue.
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The former “The Great Choral Synagogue located on Gogola iela” before it was burned to the ground with some 500 Jews locked inside and burned to death on 4 July 1941.
Construction of the Great Choral Synagogue Riga's largest synagogue began in 1868 and was completed in 1871.
In the cellar the only remains of this synagogue a monument was erected in the 1980’s from the ruins of the synagogue, also called the Gogola Street Synagogue.
Writers Note: “There are some historians, writers and people say that it couldn’t have happened this way. But what I have read about these sympathizers and collaborator groups and the Gestapo “Secret State Police” Nazi SS and SD “Security Service” I have no doubt that it did happen in this way”.
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