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Appendix V 
Riga - Beberbeki German Military Cemetery Information Signs
Riga Beberbeki
German military cemetery 1939/45 in this cemetery are the once dormant in the Riga area and in the central and eastern parts of Latvia soldiers zusammengebettet. The loss numbers in these areas are approximately 15,000  casualties. since the scale of the Wehrmacht in Riga Cemetery no longer exists, had to find a new site for the construction of a collective cemetery, the National Association decided in 1999 for the approximately 2-acre piece of terrain in Beberbeku near the capital "civil cemetery" on the territory of the municipality Babite, about 5 km from the border towards Liepaja Riga. The area was in 2000 in the possession of the city of Riga, which allowed the National Association to carry out the construction project and embedding of war dead. On the occasion of the consecration of the cemetery 09 June 2001 buried in Block 1, the first 12 deaths. Its original location was in grave Baldone, about 50 km southwest of Riga. Until now, the Umbettungsdienst zugebettet has approximately 5,000 deaths from the central parts of Latvia. Construction on the building entrance were completed in July 2004. The building has an information room, a utility room and toilet facilities. For the inauguration of the cemetery opened an exhibition in the information space. Here the visitor can learn about the diverse work of the German people in Latvia but also inform the names of books and ads for entry in the visitors' book. Scripture With the installation of 33 pillars, on which the names of Riga on the 2nd Woodland Cemetery dormant, unfortunately, completely überbetteten war dead are listed, the memorial place received its final appearance in May 2007. The square encloses a semicircular memorial stone with an inscription, the "Livonia", and Latgale Semgale indicating the Vidzeme Latvian parts of the country from which the dead will be secure. The memorial stone opposite rises the central time, a four-meter-high stone cross of granite, the pedestal of the memorial statement text Here lie the German soldiers of the Second World War. Remember her and the dead of all wars was labeled. The extensive lawns are the memorial space embedding divided into 14 blocks. To the dedication of the cemetery at 22 September 2007, the units 1 to 3, and the block 7 were fully occupied and the graves with a total of 272 crosses grave marked grave location based. Dead, whose grave location could not be mapped exactly, were immortalized on a bloc-lying signboards. The grave marking is continuously updated according to the state of the embeddings. Along the path leading from the entrance to the memorial building space are further written steles. To them about 1,200 deaths are named, who came in captivity in Riga killed and whose graves are no longer discoverable. The cemetery is maintained by the SIA R20 based in Pinki, Rigas iela 20a. , the dedication of the military cemetery took place on 22 .September at 2007. 
A note for visitors to the cemetery: The entrance building is open until 18.00hrs from May to October daily from 10.00hrs to 12.00hrs and 16:00hrs  Visitors may also have questions to the Brothers Cemeteries Committee in Riga contact on telephone number 00371 6761 1640th sponsor this cemetery is the national union, National Association Bremen
From the city center you cross the K. Valdemara, Kalnciema iela and Lielirbes the A10/E22 motorway towards Jurmala, Liepaja. Shortly after the Liepaja branch follows the exit to Pinki. Next by Pinki and after leaving the village, a paved trail leads left to the cemetery collection The exact address is: 2107 Pinki, Riga Raion, Lettland. GEO data: 56 ° 55'59 .64 "N, 23 ° 54'20 .57" E
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